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They just make false commitments to convince the customers and later deny of their duties

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It was a very fine Sunday morning when I was sitting in my balcony with a newspaper and a coffee. Suddenly I saw that the paint of the wall ceiling was really in a poor condition. I further found that even the floor isn’t in a good condition. Therefore I and my wife decided to call for a property inspection company who could help us for other proceedings got the well maintenance of our house. We searched for various such companies and got to know about Acumen Home Inspection Professional LLC through their online website. Their website seemed to be very attractive as well as promising. Therefore I called them to my house for the inspection and further detailing.

The manager firstly talked to me very politely and sent the workers. The workers came little late than the expected time. Unfortunately, it was really very upsetting to see that the workers were really very unorganized and also unhygienic. They had no manners to behave. They didn’t even talk to us properly and even destroyed some of homely goods. They broke my wife’s favorite flower vase. I was really very disappointed by their services and I immediately called their manager again. He promised me better working and asked for the payment. I transferred the amount to his bank account but still wasn’t satisfied with the services. I again called him, but this time I was amazed to hear him. He talked to me like he didn’t even know me and used really very bad language which was not at all acceptable.

Later I realized, that they had no sense of this field of inspection and just attracting the money by the customers through making fake promises. They just make false commitments to convince the customers and later deny of their duties. I would never recommend anyone to have their services.


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