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Beware of their deceptive policies

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I went to Adamson Motors to buy a new car. I had contacted them online first and had informed them about my visit. The time I was given no one was there to attend me. I waited for thirty minutes to get to the sales person. He did not show me the details of several models along with their prices. He expected me to have prior knowledge about the models and he would only give the quotation for the model I had decided. This is ridiculous. He must know that there is something called comparative analysis whereby the customer evaluates his/ her purchase decision against various constraints (especially price in the case of car). I thought they would at least give me a test drive but they were unwilling to. the dealers are not customer friendly. Every time they try to belittle the customers for not knowing about the details of car model. Not everyone is well versed in automobiles and this is no way to deal with your customers.

The team is not friendly and welcoming. I just had to sneak out of that place as I was annoyed with their behaviour. They try to trap customers by their manipulative policies. Do read the terms and conditions carefully. They do not tell about the cons of the policy. They were willing to give car loan but the compounding was to be done daily. So basically, I would have ended up paying double the price of car. Beware of their deceptive policies. Do visit other dealers. They would surely offer you better deal and in clear and simpler terms. I want to give zero rating to this place for attitude. The sales team acts very smart. They should stop cheating customers like this and offer some real value to them.

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