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they have doesn't know what he's talking about

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I have problem in my knees. I visited an orthopaedic doctor but the results were not very satisfactory. There was no relief from pain. So, I decided to go for chiropractic care treatment. I visited Advanced Care Back and Body. The reception people were good. They gave precise and accurate information regarding all my queries. When I visited the doctor, he refused to see the reports I had brought regarding the knee problem. He said he does not need them and began with his style of treatment. I was confused but since I had no knowledge about chiropractic treatment I did not object. He pressed few points near the knee and asked me to exercise regularly and make weekly visits.

I followed his advice. The next time I went there he again performed some adjustments which led to immense pain. He said it will be okay and asked me to exercise. The moment I woke up to exercise, I fell down and had a knee dislocate. He was trying to make adjustments which led me to even more pain. I had to become too loud to stop him from his treatment. I called an ambulance which then took me to hospital and an operation had to be done. The doctors told that the chiropractic treatment I had undertaken has led to more problem in my knees and to discontinue them immediately. They asked me to go to some other chiropractor and show him all the x- rays before treatment. At this point of time, I realized that the doctor in Advanced Care Back and Body was not at all professional. Plus, I was cheated as I paid very high charges. In reality, the other chiropractor’s charges were not so high. So please do not visit this place. It may aggravate your condition

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