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really rude and annoying

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Advanced Oral Specialty Group is a very popular institution for oral health care in the Voorhees Township, New Jersey, and the United States. But from my experience, I do not think that the clinic should have ever gained such popularity. Dr. Alan Meltzer is a leading dentist at the clinic and I had my contract with him. Perhaps it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life! The contract cost me a huge amount of money which was $32,550 and it was not at all a great experience. I had to get my complete lower and upper implants done and it seemed that the case was something that was out of Dr. Alan’s comfort zone and he was just hungry for the money and so he just took the case.
Dr. Meltzer made my temporary bridge of the upper jaw one tooth short despite me telling him repeatedly that it was not getting fixed properly and I was having some irritation. He did not pay heed to my words which later led to the breakage of the bridge. He even had to break the temporary bridge of the lower jaw prior to surgery in order to make the fitting proper which weakened the bridge even more. He then gave me a painkiller called Zilactin which led to a severe inflammatory response in my gums and caused me to undergo a major invasive surgery under him which caused me a lot of pain and again cost me a lot of money. Dr. Alan’s behavior towards me was also really rude and annoying and he used to shout at me in order to overshadow his own faults.
I strongly recommend everyone not to enroll with this clinic ever or else you all shall be duped!

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