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Cheat, fraud and what not. Don’t recommend to anyone

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These guys claim their first service costing to $300 or more to be free and we buy what they say. But in actual they are just another way around. They don’t charge but they give us a huge list of medicines and this put an idea in my head that surely in collaborations with the nearby chemist who are recommended by them. The same is the only one to deal with such medicines they say. Well, it was sure that they are cheats still I kept my mouth shut and waited for the right time to see what exactly are they after for with us.
Yes, my son was one of the patient therein who had to get his tooth removed as the same was rallying getting troubling day after day. Not only this, he started facing issues with having food and started preferring only liquid ones. 145
Dr Ernest De Paoli was our Doctor and he claimed himself to be having experience of 35 years. But for he seemed to be a real starter. His hands didn’t seem to fit for this work and where shaking while was working with them. Having a doctor with such shaky hands definitely shakes up your belief and I was really hating the thing.
With those shaky hands he kept checking my son and finally when he was done, all he said was Sir your son needs to take some medicine on a regular basis and use this mouthwash and we will see you again after a month.
Well, I took the prescription and decided never again to be there. I knew the words are true after he clearly mentioned that Sir buy the same from the nearby chemist and he will give you discounts and also that the medicines are available at his place only. What is this now.? Cheat, fraud and what not. Don’t recommend to anyone and don’t even follow

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