Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale

Do not fall for their charm and high technology equipment

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Can you believe that there are people who gave a 5 star to Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale? Because I can’t.

We were told by so many that they are the best. They are perfect. They will give you your smile back. And what not. Nothing but a truckload of lies. Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale is probably the worst dental clinic I have ever been to. Their team is absolutely incompetent, not good workmanship at all. They pretend to be top of the line but do not have proper training. Yes they do have CEREC Milling Unit, a lab, 3D Imaging and DVD/TV fir the patients to relax. But that is of no use because half the machines either don’t fire properly, or they found not know how to use them. So you are left waiting forever.

Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale spends a lot of money on high tech equipment. But East they both not realize is that they need to know how to use them properly first those equipment to be actually worthwhile. Attracting patients with their high tech machines band charming smiles can only take them so far.

My grandmother was the patient at Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale. She has had bad teeth for almost 15 years now. She has been to a number if dentists and none of them have been any good. Finally, a lot of research lead us to Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale and we were all really hopeful. But what did we get? Her teeth were crooked, but now half of them are broken or hurting really bad. We spent a fortune. They charge a lot. And now my grandmother is left with teeth that can’t even be fixed.

Well there really is not much I can do now except write this review and warn everybody else about their unethical practices. Do not fall for their charm and high technology equipment. There are many other dentists who will work better and will charge less than half of what they charge.

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