Alamo City Garage

they fudge with billings... Beware and check it up..

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I was in urgent need of car repair and had no time to go the original dealer from where I purchased the car. I went to Alamo City Garage. The problem was that there was fuel leakage. I booked the appointment and was on time. But still had to wait as their mechanics were late to office. This is just not professional. You must value the time of your customers. When the mechanic came, I told him about the problem and he promised to return the call the next day by evening.

Let me tell you these people are cheaters. The only problem was the leakage. I do not understand what all flaws they found in the car. They called me asking if the additional issues discovered should be fixed and I said yes. As I was not a professional in that field, I would not have understood the complexities of the problems in the vehicle. When I went to take back my vehicle, they presented me the bill. I was shocked to look at the bill. I just gave a quick view to the details of repairs. I noticed they had found a problem with my horn. This is ridiculous. There was no problem with the horn. Maybe I do not know the details of all the parts but can surely make out that this was a fraud. I do not know for how many unnecessary repairs I had paid for. The bill was almost the three times of what they said earlier.

I would give zero rating to this place. Please do not visit this place else you will be deteriorating the quality of your vehicle. They very smartly play game with you. They can perceive at what time you are in office (you are busy) and call you up for permission of further repairs. Since I had affirmatively agreed for, I had to pay the bill. This is an example of unprofessional ism

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