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Service is awful

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I was planning for buying some gold and diamond jewelry. My mom is very fond of it too. With this idea I consulted some of my friends and colleagues. One of my best friends suggested that I should visit Alamo City Gold & Silver Inc who are good at Gold, Silver and Diamond articles.

Since they also undertake exchange of old articles and offer custom designed articles, we decided to give it a shot. We had some old silver and gold ornaments. Some of my grad moms’ necklaces were studded with diamond fixings. We visited Alamo City Gold & Silver Inc and were impressed by their talk and knowledge in the field. They are very good at impressing any new visitor and attract them into committing to buy with them. We were no exception. We went again another day as promised. We had carried all our old articles of silver, gold and some diamond mounted gold articles too. They inspected our articles thoroughly and agreed to take them for exchange, except the diamond. My mom and I had our own choice of ornaments that we had planned on buying. But on valuation of our exchanged articles, we had to cut short our plan. Even then owing to their sweet talking we ordered some articles of our choice. Their making charges were much higher, but they convinced us that is for custom designing. We accepted and came out. They did not ask for any advance payment since they had collected a good amount of balance by way of our exchanged articles. But they did not miss the opportunity of boosting that they care and trust their customers.

After a fortnight we went to them as we had a call saying the items were ready. The articles we ordered were yet to arrive from their designers. We had to wait another two hours in their office. They were very busy in attending new customers. We were made to sit in a corner. Their sophisticated professional behaviour was absent. We had to enquire often about our orders. By then someone brought our ordered articles. They showed us one by one after ensuring that no other customers is with in the vicinity. None of us were happy on looking at them. Not even one article was made as we ordered. The cuttings and carvings were not as sophisticated as we had hoped it would be. We protested and said that these are not the designs ordered by us. We cannot accept these and hence they should either re-make to our choice and refund the whole amount. But they were very arrogant and stubbornly said that is the way they are made and we may accept the products or buy something else or we should just leave. If we still insisted and did not leave the place, they would call for people to throw us out. They were very rude in their behaviour, and it seemed like they would do so. We had no other way but to accept. I was very upset and angered. But my Mom suggested that though the design is not satisfactory at least the articles are worth for their metallic value. We insisted for an invoice for each article with detailed price breakdown. They obliged and ensured that we are out of their place. Too bad an experience for anyone really!


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