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doctor has no vision and knowledge

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Alamo Dental Care is the worst place I have ever been too. Forget about services, they won’t even give you enough respect and courtesy. I had taken my twelve-year-old son to this place as he was having strong pain in his gums. I searched about various dental care health centres and I found this company as the most suitable one. But little did I know that they would screw me.  I called them to get an advanced appointment but they haven’t picked up the call. However, the next day I went to this place with my son. At first sight, I liked this place because it’s a clean and healthy environment. Even the staff of the company was very friendly and helpful. I got an appointment and then waited for my turn. They told me that I would have to wait only ten minutes but in reality, I did it for more than thirty minutes. Then the doctor called me and I went inside the room. Though the doctor was quite good initially. He talked to my son in a friendly way. However, I didn’t like the way he examined him. My son was in slight pain when he was checking his teeth. He asked us to get an X-ray and without telling us any reason for that. I asked him more than twice but he didn’t answer me. However, I did the same and got an X-ray of my son for which they charged very high. I went back to the doctor and showed him the X-ray. But he didn’t utter a single word. He just said okay and then he prescribed a few medicines. I asked him if everything was okay and he said yes and then we left the place. But medicines prescribed by him didn’t solve the problem as my son was continuously complaining about his teeth pain. Then, I called the doctor and he said nothing. Then, I took my son to another dentist and his medicines proved effective. I would never recommend this place. The doctor has no vision and knowledge. Don’t waste your time and money here.

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