Alamo Height Wellness

poor and atrocious services and unprofessional workers.

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Hated this place!! Alamo Height Wellness is a complete scam. Don’t visit this place, they are going to deceive you. They are not worthy of your trust and belief. I called them to get an advanced appointment but it was another level of struggle. Initially, none of them picked up the call. I would have called them about three to four times. On the fifth time, they picked up the call and the lady who was on the other side of the phone call was very rude and arrogant. She didn’t even inform me anything clearly and it took her more than twenty minutes to assign me an appointment. Quite weird!! However, the other day when I visited the place, I found it very messy. Though the place was quite clean and luxurious all in vain. Nothing was synchronized there. The lady at the counter was weird, she wasn’t good to me. Ask her anything, she isn’t ready to help you. I don’t know then why was she working here? I waited there for my turn for about thirty minutes and then I was called. The specialist wasn’t sweet and friendly. She neither welcomed me nor greeted me. She just offered me a seat and asked about my problem. As I am working in the corporate world, continuous working hours caused my health. My neck and backbone started aching and then the lady started doing her work. Initially, I was feeling good but then suddenly it started hurting. I was feeling excruciating pain. I told her about the same but she didn’t bother, she said it’s normal. Pathetic!! Even after a week, I was feeling the pain. This place didn’t improve my condition but actually worsened the situation!! I would never recommend this place to anybody. You would receive nothing but poor and atrocious services and unprofessional workers. Don’t waste your time and money here.

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