Alamo Heights Paediatric Dentistry

Don't visit this place, they would rip you off

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Not at all good!! My daughter was complaining about her teeth pain for a very long time, so I decided to take her to this place for her check-up. Little did I know that it would be my first and last visit to this place. I called them one day prior in order to get an appointment but I didn’t know that merely getting an appointment would be another level of struggle. The lady who was on the other side of the phone call was quite weird and irritating. She would have taken thirty minutes just to confirm my appointment. Pathetic!! The other day, when I visited the place, I first went to the doctor to get my daughter checked up. But it was appearing as if the doctor wasn’t interested in treating my daughter. He was continuously talking to my daughter but wasn’t willing to examine her. After wasting more than one hour, he somehow examined her that too just as a formality. He didn’t specify any particular reason for the pain just quoted that it was a normal pain that usually children of her age underwent.  He prescribed some medicines and asked me to pay. Quite absurd!!! No recommendations, no tips, nothing!! Just buy these medicines and pay the fee. While I was going to pay the fee, I leave my daughter to their entertainment/play area for children. After paying the fee, when I returned back to her, I saw that she was continuously crying and none of the ladies there tried to console her. Horrible!! I went to her and she told me that she was hurt while playing. I found that few toys there were not suitable for small toddlers. It can harm them. The worst thing was that even after continuously taking the medicines as prescribed, my daughter still complained about the pain.  I would never visit this place again. They are horrible at everything. At first sight of this place, everybody would me mesmerized but this place is actually of no use. Don’t visit this place, they would rip you off.

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