Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry

Their regular checkups suck and so does the amount charged

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They think they provide their patients with the best care and also claim to be best in San Antonio. Dr Angie Sage and Kathryn Walker these are the two doctors who work together to run this dentistry said someone to me out there as I was sitting and waiting in the waiting area. As I turned to look at the person I got to see a bright smile of one of the workers working in there. Okay, I said and turned over.
The other one sitting right beside me said you are gonna have worst experience for sure. No matter how gentle they call themselves to be, they will never be so and will also try to get more and more cash from you. Ignore when they say or ask anything about your work or income. I was surprised and I hated but when I went in to visit the doctor in just by words I spit out that I earned well and there I saw a list of heavy doses and also medicines which were totally good. The checkup was not a part of the first session and I was called after a week and when I came back they asked me to double the fees which were before. Never got to see the two running the business. Seems like all their patients where handled by the co-workers therein.
Their regular checkups suck and so does the amount charged. I am okay with same and can manage but the people out there who cant please don’t prefer them at all. I changed my preference too and shifted to some nearby dentist who actually is best.
On a personal niche, I am out of there and will request others to be too as soon as possible. stop spending guys, get best of what you spend. Quality matters.

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