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suffering of animals is Aww How Cute for them

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Earlier today, I took in my little bird (zebra finch) because it showed signs of pain. It could not fly. It could only hop clumsily. While in the treatment room, the tech was playing a heartless game with my little bird while taking advantage of the fact that it could not fly due to pain. The tech put the bird on the table, let it clumsily hop around the table a few times in pain and out of fear for its life, said, “how sweet”, take the bird and keep it back in the middle of the table and repeated this many times. The third time she played this heartless game with my tiny bird, it fell, slamming on to the floor. This was a distance of over 40 times the bird’s height. The tech said, “Aww, how cute.” I was shocked, extremely horrified and in disbelief. At first, I didn’t stop her because I thought she was checking its condition. But then, I realized she was just playing a cruel game with my little bird (Lilly) whom I love so much. Then, this brutal tech picked up my bird and started the same game again right in front of me and the vet. I said to her in a loud voice, “Don’t let my bird drop on the floor again!” She kept going as though she didn’t listen me at all. Then the vet told her in a loud voice, “Grab the bird with both hands!” During this time my heart my little bird was still hopping on the table. The tech put her hands about 2 feet (0.61 m) away from my bird, so she can still suffer this sick game. The vet said again but even louder, “Grab the bird with both hands!” Now, the tech put her hands closer to my bird, so it could still hop over the table. Next, the tech yelled at her loudly, “Grab the bird with both hands!” She finally did. In my opinion, if someone plays a sick game like this repeatedly, and says that it’s cute, then there is something very wrong with this person. She should not be working at a vet clinic at all. This happened 6 hours ago and I have been hurting emotionally all day due to this horrific experience. I cannot believe that a vet tech could be so heartless. If you don’t want to go through a horrible experience with your loving pet and a vet tech, then don’t visit this clinic

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