Alamo Kids Dental

Don't visit this place. Save your time and hard-earned money.  

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Terrible place!!! I would never recommend this place. This is pathetic!! You going to get nothing but poor customer services and awful behaviour of the staff members. They have no courtesy and respect towards their customers. I took my child to this place but little did we know that it would be a worse check-up ever. Though, I had taken an advance appointment yet another day the lady at the reception asked me to wait for so long. We waited there for about one hour. Though at first sight, one is going to like the place very much. The infrastructure and amenities of the place are quite mesmerizing but all in vain. I believe good infrastructure doesn’t matter, one the company can’t provide good and effective customer services. After a long wait, the doctor called us. She was quite weird. I didn’t like her methodology. She was very talkative. She was continuously talking to my child on random things. Then she started cleaning her teeth but that too very slowly. It took her three hours to clean up her teeth. Pathetic!! I had never been to such a place, where just a clean-up takes three hours. Lazy people!! She was unprofessional and untrained too. After paying her fee, we departed. After a few days, my child complained about some pain in her teeth. I checked out and got to know that her teeth were not cleaned up well as well as her gums were bleeding. I went back to this place in order to complain about their services but nobody listens to me. They actually started asking me to pay again if I wanted her teeth to be cleaned again. Horrible! Why would I pay again? There was no point in saying this. Worst place! Don’t visit this place. Save your time and hard-earned money.

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