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work took longer and cost a lot more too. I won't advise this to anyone

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I understand business and customer service, which they say are proud of. But that comes at an unexpectedly high price, this is what no one might tell you. We had a very bad experience with them and also had to pay a very high price for the same, with money and time.

We had a job of toilet replacement at our house. We did ask around a lot of plumbers and service providers for a quotation and work timeline. The quotations for system was the highest from All About Plumbing, Septic & HVAC. But the reviews around the internet about this company were very positive. And we did not want any inferior quality work because we know that it is better to do a good quality job one time and not have repetitive work to save just a little money. But neither happened when I chose All About Plumbing, Septic & HVAC for the work.

The cost, as I said was very high, but we went ahead with them. And the work began in time too. But then, there were issues. The work was left partially done and the technician could not come back to complete it for a couple of more days. It was okay, he had some personal problem. But we could not wait any longer than that, you can understand the issue surely. On the third day, we called up their 24 hour service line, but it turns out it is not 24 hours working. I called up late night when the technician did not turn up on the third day. But no one picked up the call. I tried early morning the next day to make sure that work was done that very day. But again, it is not 24 hours working.  So, the work took longer and cost a lot more too. I won’t advise this to anyone.


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