All Star Hyundai

Only big promises and false claims!

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Don’t visit this place, they would rip you off!! My husband was quite fond of cars so, I decided to gift him a Hyundai car on his birthday. But it proved a huge disappointment for me. After searching a lot, I had decided to visit All Star Hyundai but I had no idea that it was the worst decision of mine.  They literally screwed me.  When I visited this place, I was welcomed warmly with lots of gratitude but I had no idea that it could be simply a way to attract their customers. As everybody was so good and friendly to me, I really liked the place. They explained to me in great detail about all the policies and procedures of the company. Then, one salesman came to me who showed me all the available cars with them. The salesman was quite sweet but he wasn’t well versed and aware of all the available cars and their USPs. Whenever I was asking him any questions, he was running to his superior to get the answer which was actually consuming a lot of time. However, I liked one car very much but I didn’t like its colour. It was somewhat orange in colour but I preferred a black colour of the same model for my husband. I told the same thing to them and they assured that within a week they would ship it. But it was all a big lie. After one week, when I visited this place, they didn’t even greet me nor any respect nothing!! They were quite busy with other customers. I asked them many times to show me the black car but nobody listens to me. Everybody was busy dealing with other customers. I waited for two hours but nobody attended to me. I went on my own and I couldn’t find any black car there. Terrible!!! I left the place disappointed. Only big promises and false claims!!

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