All-Star kids family dental

nightmare for a kid....

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The name itself isn’t clear to what they are serving. Kids family doctor.? Is it an indirect speech of saying that you bring in kids and we will take up with parents Coz we know how to deal with them for sure.
My kid was the most notorious one and when faced with toothaches he ran away from doctors. But we have to find a way for this. We need to work a way out and somehow we took him to the dentist.
We were all new to this place and this all-star kids family dental was the only nearby on google maps. Well, we had no choice because of being like I said New to Texas.
Well, we went there in with a very tensed mood and rather than comforting the child we found that we were being comforted. How was this of any help to a parent who can’t see their kids in pain especially when you know you haven’t seen them Cry so bad in years?
Even after the child was taken inside we heard him crying so bad. We were not allowed to enter the doctor’s chamber and finally when Kim’s voice got okay we felt that he was relieved with pain but there was a totally different story going on inside. The person was making the child suffer by giving him bigger than what is a toothache. He took out the tooth and placed him right in front of him. Kim kept looking at it so furiously. Man, I hated the scenario. But I couldn’t help other than wait. I know this might seem like parent care but what do I need to do when such a thing happens and when especially such stupidity is shown with a child.
I am sure I am not taking my child there again and would request everyone out there to think for theirs too.

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