Allen Hyundai

Allen Hyundai deliberately lies just to sell vehicles

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What a waste of a day here!!! I spoiled my complete day with this dealership. They ain’t going to provide you anything except big promises and false claims. This place disappointed me a lot. It was my dream to purchase a beautiful car but this company turned my beautiful dream into my horrible nightmares. However, I had called them to fetch some details but nobody picked up the call then, I decided to personally visit this company but all in vain. I went to this place though I was greeted well it wasn’t much appealing. However, one of them came to me and explained everything in detail but the guy was a bit rude. He won’t reply when you going to ask him something. Quite weird!!! Then, a salesman came to me and took me to their showroom. The showroom had huge varieties of bars with different models and colours. But the salesman was weird, he remained throughout the time. He either replied yes or no. Other than this, he didn’t utter a single word. Terrible!! It was quite difficult for me to choose any car. It was appearing as if he wasn’t interested in selling the car. However, I liked one car, red in colour, I asked for its price and though it was under my budget so I opted to take a test drive. It was a great experience driving the car, I felt very comfortable and so I decided to purchase it. Everything was finalized but when it came to payment, they suddenly rose the price. I was quite shocked and told them that I was quoted a different price by the salesman. But they didn’t agree with me and told me that he was new to the company, he wasn’t well acknowledged for everything. Disappointingly, I left the place. I would never recommend this company. Save your time and money.

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