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This company had degraded business ethics

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Frauds!! Loads of jewellery with unique and authentic designs are a fantasy of every lady. I also had a fantasy of jewellery but Alonso Jewellery Design turned my beautiful fantasies into horrible nightmares. I am surely never going to visit this place. I was recommended to this place by my close acquaintances. A few months ago, I visited this place and I had a terribly bad experience. This company had degraded business ethics. No greetings, no welcome, no courtesy, nothing!! Everybody was busy with customers. They didn’t even notice me once. Their receptionist asked me to wait for a while but it soon turned to wait for one long hours. Quite absurd!! However, one of their salesmen called me and asked me about my preferences. Though I had disclosed him everything yet he wasn’t able to show me as per it. He was continuously showing me some absurd designs. Even though I was telling him not to show these designs yet he was keen to show me that also. He was showing me what he wanted me to purchase. He shouldn’t compel his customers to purchase anything. Everybody wants to purchase as of their choice. Then I asked him harshly either to show me designs as I had asked or I was going to leave. Then, he did show me some good designs but all of them were quite defective. Few of them were not studded with diamonds, few were worn out, etc. However, in between I liked one design, it was quite authentic and unique. I tried it and I liked it very much. I decided to purchase it as it was under my budget. But when it was time to pay for it, they suddenly rose the price. I told them that earlier they had quoted me a different price but they completely refused to accept this. When I refused to purchase it, they compelled me for the same. Terrible!!! Don’t waste your time and money here.

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