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This service did not yield any positive result for my company

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I almost lost all of my money even before my business became successful due to AltaVista Strategic Partners. I wanted to become a young entrepreneur and I had an impressive idea about a fast food chain restaurant. My dad led me the capital and I promised him to return it with interest within a year. I was recommended by one of my well-wishers to take the help of Altavista Strategic Partners, they were famous for making businesses successful and increasing their sales.
My research on them yields impressive results as I found out that a lot of businesses are successful today due to their contribution. I hired them as my marketing team expecting positive results. I prepaid AltaVista Strategic Partners their fees and explain them my business ideas and marketing opinions. According to this strategy they first wanted to set up a social media account and a website of my business, I agreed to their suggestions and follow their lead, which was a mistake on my part.
I became involved in my business and was too busy to look after promoting. I expected the team of AltaVista Strategic Partners to put forward positive results whereas within a few days while I examined there result it came as a shock to me that all of their efforts were useless. From the website of my business to the social media account all of them were incomplete and improperly developed with unfinished, abbreviated and unexplained data of my business. There was no progress in by Business due to their effort and I even started to lose customers due to such a low-quality website.
I asked the AltaVista Strategic Partners for a refund of the amount I have paid and I wanted to cancel the 1-year contract as there wasn’t any improvement during the 2 months of there work. I had to contact the customer care repeatedly to ask for a refund or to meet their team leader to discuss the process. I was put on hold every time I tried to contact them that is when I took matters in my hand and contacted my lawyer. He helped me to get my money back from AltaVista Strategic Partners except for the two months they invested for my company. This service did not yield any positive result for my company and I had to hire someone else for the job. I will never recommend AltaVista Strategic Partners to anyone after search for a horrendous experience.

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