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lucky to have escaped being ripped off

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My grandfather had been suffering from knee problems for quite some time now and although he tries to maintain an active life as much as possible, there are times when age just seems to catch up. He had been a basketball player when he was young and he had always been quite careful about his health. However, lately his knee started giving him a lot of trouble but he was not one to rely on a care giver, which is why we suggested he see Anderson Lesley. We booked an appointment with him and took my grandpa. However, the appointment did not at all go as well as we had hoped for. We were kept waiting for over an hour even though we had arrived right on time. Even on continuously saying that my grandpa was 72 years old, they did not do anything much. However, when the doctor actually called us in she was quite polite and courteous and we assumed it was probably mismanagement by the staff. she did give my grandpa a thorough examination but then suggested he go for a knee transplant. We knew it was to be a big procedure and as soon as we mentioned that we would like a second opinion, things went downhill. The doctor in question, Anderson Lesley, spoke to us very curtly after that and even suggested that we should come to his clinic and waste her time if we were not to heed his opinion. My grandpa however, firmly stood his ground, and after we had taken a second opinion, we were told that there was no need for knee plant and the orthopedic suggested some physiotherapy instead. My grandpa is absolutely fine and we are so lucky to have escaped being ripped off and we are glad that the old man showed such resilience.

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