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I found Arc Angel Electric to be too pricey.

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There are a lot of good electricians around and for a lower price than them. I found Arc Angel Electric to be too pricey. They offer quality work, but I believe so do others. When they say that quality work comes for a price, I sincerely hope they don’t mean that others who do the same work at a much lower price than them don’t do a quality job. I have experienced work of them and one of their competitors work too in the last two months. They were the first one. First up, their quotation took over 4 days to come. In fact, I had to follow up with them a couple of times before I got the quotation. I even was just about to give the work to another company who gave me the quotation in two days. But I had met both the guys and I must say the representative of Arc Angel Electric seemed more professional. But then I did not see much difference in terms of brands that these guys were promising to use in the work. So, I just decided to wait for one more day for Arc Angel Electric’s quotation. And it was around as much as twice the quotation of the other company. I still went with them because I was swayed by the positive reviews on the net. They did the work in time. I needed similar work for another floor of my house. Again I asked them for a quotation. Again it took at least one follow up call from me for the quotation. But I gave up on that one call. I got a quotation from their competitor and gave them the job. And I was not disappointed. The job was done in a comparatively marginal price but of the same quality. I suggest you choose wisely.

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