Arc Angel Tattoo

They don't want your business. Rude as soon as you walk through the door.

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I want a new tattoo on my shoulder and got to know about Arc Angel which provide its service 24 × 7 and is best suits my schedule. I fixed an appointment and went there on time but I had to wait even after my appointment. After sometime I called off and I went in they ask my preference and what kind of tattoo I exactly want after taking all the time they showed me various tattoos and I made a choice. I was asked to come next week to get tattoo but when I went there next week they were closed without even informing me. Even after consistent calls for a whole week they did not answer and suddenly I got a reply from them to fix another appointment I did the same. While when I asked about their reason of not responding they simply said they did not receive any call from me and as they got my mail they respond.

On my second appointment with them I found staff little rude and careless as well as lethargic as they were not answering my questions maybe ignoring. Though one of the staff member came and asked me to wait for sometime and I had to wait again for hours even this time I asked to made a payment to meet the owner when I enquired one of rude staff member said they said people have to make payment . I met the owner and again he fixed my appointment for next week to get my tattoo and this time assured me that I will not face any problem.

That same appointment problem happened again and after numerous calls and mails they finally contact me again and fixed appointment again for next week. As soon as I get in this time they made me feel comfortable but the chair was little bit uncomfortable and there was a different smell too in the room which is awful though I had no choice except setting and waiting for my tattoo to be completed. While in middle of my tattoo that person got a call and he had to rush than someone else made the rest tattoo who was rude and little arrogant. He was not talking nicely and was giving me orders on how keep my hand instead of explaining me. While it was hurting more than it actually do as I have many tattoos on my body but I do not what technique or machine they were using but it was hurting a lot even their instructions were not clear they were more hustling.He somehow completed my tattoo and I was a bit disappointed as it was not looking good like which I actually shown even the pain is also more than usual. He did not answered my question and went as soon as he was done with tattoo and the tattoo was not at all good even it painful and cost a lot as well as waste my time along with this I had to spend money to remove this tattoo.


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