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worst cosmetic dentistry out there

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I have no qualms to say that Arthur Glosman DDS is one of the worst cosmetic dentistry out there. I have had this experience not too long ago and everyone should be aware of these scams, so here goes:
Back in MARCH, I had a crown placed in front of my mouth. Dr. Glosman who was referred to me as an exceptional cosmetic dentist, was clearly a hoax because after spending not less than $2K for this bloody crown after which I was promised a confident smile, what do I get? A GRAY AND DISCOLORED FRONT CROWN which makes me more self conscious now than ever when I try to speak. So naturally after a few weeks I revisited the dentistry because I was very unsatisfied with this experience and wanted a fixture. After hearing my complaints he got so defensive that they started yelling that it would be too much work to re-do the papers and gave me an ridiculous excuse that my teeth looks “fine only in certain lightings” Like seriously ! Am I supposed to live with that?! He was extremely rude and unapologetic and started guilt tripping me, and finally agreed to redo the crown but demanded that I pay for it, AGAIN. This was much unexpected of such a “revered” institution and also he was aware that there was a better treatment available, but he still did not provide me with that earlier! This was by far the worst dental experience I have had in my life, and that this organization is still open and flourishing without any action being taken against them still boils my blood, because I am sure I am not the only one with grievance against them, and there are a many more complaints about this scam of an organization.

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