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very bad experience

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Not going to lie guys, when I first joined Artina Promotional Production I was happy only, because I had heard how these production companies treat their workers but here the environment was different and everyone was quite friendly, but this was only for a month after which the onion started to peel, and they started to show their true colors, and guess what guys, they were no different, not at all, from whatever I heard.
So first to understand my experience you need to know a little about what kind of company this is. So, this is a family owned business, and many of the employees were from the inside , yes, I bet you can make out where this is going, so all this family and home-like environment is all to a fault, because at the end of the day it is fruitless, because the discrimination is clearly visible only after a few days. If you are a member of this private owned family business then you are golden and you have nothing to worry about, because the treatment of these “internal members” so to say are far more lenient and relaxed than if you are an “outsider” , and it is all out in the open and they even stop to pretend after sometimes. Goals they set are sometimes impossible to execute within the deadline they provide, their family hierarchy keep on changing and so does the company’s along with that, they mold the outsiders according to their wishes and try to cover this by their( frankly very pretentious at this point) “care and home like working space”.
Because guys at the end of the day, we are professionals and all we want is proper recognition and to be treated equally, but I guess it not my family company so….enough said!

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