Aspen Leaf Holistic Mental Health

fooling people in the name of holistic mental care.

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Have you ever been to a place which will drive you crazy?  This place calls itself a holistic mental care but it’s anything but that. My neighbor had visited this place and came out of it raving mad. The attitude is simply not up to the mark and contrary to what they advertise about. The strategy that they have is to extort money from people who are challenged or in some trouble. This place has the habit of stating thousands of illness to you when you do not really have all of them. If you have you are depressed for some reason and tell them so, they feel they have got someone to make a fool of now. No sympathy at all for the affected person. My neighbor could have got well in two months’ time, had the right process being followed in taking care. But no, they had devious plans of making money instead. They made her super hyper initially and deteriorated her conditions. She was into light medications earlier but later on her dosage had to be increased. Instead of feeling better, she was more nervous and became dependent on medicines. So, it’s no use sending your close ones to this place. Their condition will only become worse. The staff who is working there is also very unhappy and treats the people who visit with very curtly. If the people who are the care givers are themselves not happy, then how do you expect them to take care of others? If you are from a well to do family, this place will keep on squeezing money from you. So, if you have loads of money to spend in the name of wellness, go ahead and squander by joining this place that is fooling people in the name of holistic mental care.

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