Atlas Foundation Repair

. Very disappointed in the Atlas team's ability to coordinate and schedule a simple appointment.

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The repair company Atlas, located in Solon road Houston is not the company one will like to come across. The company has the worst customer service I have ever seen. No one is there to answer your call or you are out on hold forever. This is definitely not the company you should consider if you have urgency with the repair work, they will just make a fool out of you. I contacted the company when one of the pipes in my house got leaked due to which my house got filled with water in no time. It took me 15 minutes to make the person on call understand about the problem I am facing as they had no clue about the work they are doing. I was sent the number of the who was going to come for the repairs. The worker was expected to reach my place in half an hour as there office was not far from my home but no one arrived until an hour and the damage got severe. When I called the authorized person about where he is and what is taking so long for him to come he got aggressive and talked in an unfriendly manner. After arriving he tried to join the pipes but was so mad at the moment that it damaged it more. It was after an hour that finally the pipe got repaired. He left the place as soon as he completed the repair without even caring about the tools he had brought. This was so unprofessional, I think the company has no idea about what their employed workers are doing or how they are behaving with the company’s customer. In short, the company is full of displaced people who have no idea about their work or someone who doesn’t know how to be polite or care to take back his kinds of stuff with him

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