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He is a cheater and knows how to make fool out of people

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Aurelius Tjin or Aurelius trash can course? I really can’t differentiate between both. The course is supposed to help you grow and all of that. The coaching authority modules is a whole scam that is apparently supposed to be cheap for anyone to buy.

I will tell you something, i was asked to pay $37 but that was not it, then on the second step, I had to pay $27. It did not stop there, the third step i was asked to pay $7 and at last, I was asked to pay $1. That in total is $72. That still sounds cheap, yeah?

Well let me tell you the whole course is not worth a penny, the guy apparently wanted to teach us the fundamentals. But after you open the module and go through it. Right in the beginning it has a mistake.

There is a chapter on coaches. The very first line of it has a, it explains what is and not what explains what a coach is. I mean what is that even supposed to mean? How can you miss such an important detail? How can you go wrong on such a simple definition?

This just shows, how careless he is and how reckless and completely useless this course looks to me. What kind of coaching is he going to give anyone when he is so careless about the minor things?

I cannot expect him to ace the major things if this is how he mistakes. There are a couple of other mistakes too, that one cannot ignore.

Overall, this course is just waste of money, and i would highly recommend everyone who is thinking of buying this course, please don’t buy this and waste both your time and money, as this is not worth it.

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My friend who wanted to become a coach had come across Aurelius Tjin’s “Coaching Authority, How to Start Your Own Coaching Business”. He was quite impressed, by it when he first went through the module.

And owing to the fame this guy has, it was pretty for anyone to trust him with the course. He had paid nearly $75 for the course. He said, there were videos of him and all of that and that he was very impressed by the presentation.

But, after that, the whole course was nothing more than disappointment. He mentioned that there were many typos, and it looked like that is was just another copy and paste material.

The whole material is available on the internet in bits and pieces. I mean, what does he get after fooling people? Does he think that no one is ever going to notice his cheap tricks and go after him?

This is such a shame, as he just tried to make money out of this and not actually train people. My friend was so disappointed with it, and that is why i am writing this review. I understood one thing from the whole scenario, that if you are a newbie in the field just like my friend was, its better you don’t ever take guidance from this person, as he will never be able to guide you in the right direction.

He is a cheater and knows how to make fool out of people, I would highly recommend everyone to not ever buy his products. Also, there are many other ways, to help you succeed in the field, just make sure, you have researched well about the course you are going to take up. Go read the reviews, they are important.

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