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most horrible experiences of my life

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This was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. Since I was young I used to get teased due to my excessively long and huge frontal teeth and as they were pushed outside and can almost be seen even if I always keep my mouth shut. That has become my inferiority complex and my self-confidence shattered from the very beginning due to this. I was scared to put braces on my teeth as I thought it will meet me look uglier.
My friend recommended Austin cosmetic dentistry by Tejas Patel, DDS to me and I research and tried to find out about their success rate which was actually very impressed with so many positive results and no negative outcome. Their customers were extremely happy with the way things turned out for them after the cosmetic surgery. Some local newspapers also mentioned about them being one of the best cosmetic dental clinics in the City. The very next day I booked an appointment with them and arrived right on time at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. I look young according to my age and the staff at the reception of Austin cosmetic dentistry wanted to see my ID before they approve of my checkup. I was kind of confused as I have visited a lot of places and many people had asked to see my ID but no never freaked out like that. I heard of your staff Whisper that they were scared if my parents see them in case something goes wrong. And from that moment I had a bad feeling about the whole situation but still, I went on with the appointment.
My dentist scared me after he mentions that there was no way I can get the type of teeth I want without replacing these natural teeth to implants. I was scared but went on with the plan as they were professionals and should know what they are doing. But after a few days of my surgery a pain started building up where my implants, it became so unbearable that my roommate had to take me to my dentist. He informed me that there was an infection in my gum due to the implant and my natural biological combination is not coexisting with the metal. I became historical when he mentioned that I might have to go without my frontal teeth for the rest of my life. I immediately changed my dentist and went to a different one to get another surgery which was actually successful and now I have a full mouth of teeth without any problem, the artificial teeth doesn’t cause any hindrance to my daily life anymore. After such a horrible experience I will never recommend Austin cosmetic dentistry by Tejas Patel, DDS to anyone.

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