Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions

do not associate yourself with such a fraud company.

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Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions, Inc is an Amazon consultant company. They specialise in account management, seller consulting and seller training. I cannot understand how a company so bad can still be in business. I know the founder personally and he is a total fraud. All of his values, his ability and vision to improve on details is just so bad. He is not at all motivated or fit for the job. He and his company have zero determination when it comes to offering great service. They do not give a damn about their customers. Their future is truly doomed under the leadership of such a stupid leader. The company could have headed in a great direction but I personally have experienced the worst things ever. They just leech out money from you. I cannot understand how they get sleep at night after being so fake. One of my friends’s worked in this company and she told me how difficult it was to work with them and deal with this company. The administration absolutely has no idea about management and they lack management skills, it is high time they start pulling up their socks before it’s too late. My friend quit the job after two months. She could not put up with the mismanagement and how every time they used to point fingers at one another at whatever went wrong. Their whole online profile is fake and they should be sued big time for posing to be something they are not. They just are fooling their audience and it is not fair. If you are looking for consulting services please steer your way away from these scammers, all they do is take your money. They are good for nothing. Save yourselves and do not associate yourself with such a fraud company.

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