Baker sisters Family Dental care

Was very unhappy with Kim's unprofessionalism in trying to become a new patient

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A best dental care according to me can be received with someone who specializes in one area and doesn’t claim to be served as the best because that can be decided by the patients. Why do you guys need to mark and show us what exactly are you? Just let us know the service and the kind of work you do we will get a word to the world about the same.
Bakers sisters now who keeps a name as such of something which is meant to keep away from sweetness and sugar. Why bakery I asked mom as I looked at the clinic front door. My mom got to be shut for the moment but my mind wanted the answer for sure. I was really curious out with such stuff. Well, we were actually there to get my teeth cleaned up because a lot of sugar usage spoilt the same in a very bad manner.
They say that they believe in something called explain and do the thing which totally scared the shit out of my mom and made her scared just for some cleaning process. Like why the hell did they need to explain such things in so detail.? How things going to sound or how the same is going to be. They told everything and what my mom did next was, get up from her seat walk out of the room and take me back home.
She was just so scared that the next time, I was taken to another dental clinic by my father who was happy to the same but mom didn’t prefer to join us. She was happy at home she said.
Kindly guys, anyone who is weak at heart and hates to know all such things so deeply, don’t pay a visit to them or else you will forget to be somewhere near a dentist.

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