Bateman Dentistry

It suffers from deplorably under staffed

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Bateman Dentistry suffers not only from its half decent half-hearted service, but also because of its less than friendly environment. Based in Kingsport, the father son duo that actually created this clinic for fast forwarding dental health care and committed to provide dental solutions in a relaxing and comfortable environment. We’ll be the judge about that if you decide to go there. But I have to tell you this when I visited, I got anything but comfort.
Bateman dentistry is plagued with many problems that other health department in the private sector. It suffers from deplorably under staffed. That is why getting an appointment is Herculean task. My appointment date was getting postponed from one date to another, with no certainty of meeting the doctors in the first place. It actually gave me a false impression of the place’s massive popularity. But I later learnt it was nothing but a sham. The day I got my appointment was an absolute disgraceful experience. I was behind fourteen patients and it took the doctors about three and a half hours to see. Utter lack of management, I hate to admit. Well, come what may, eventually when I got to meet the doctors and other medical stuff, I was met with utter out right disrespectful behavior. All that time I was wondering what I did to be meted such treatment. I did not expect this from a clinic which claims to provide friendly environment for dental treatment and take in pride of five star rating it receives from a thousand review. Oh! And coming to review, did I forget to mention what happened when I went to write the complaint in the review section. I gave it one star and let out my grievances only to find it was instantly deleted the next day.

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