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Toxic Talk!! His talks are waste of time…

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Motivation is essential to individuals because it helps you achieve your personal goals you set. A person motivated will do the work with lots of satisfaction, as I prefer working twice as effectively when I am motivated that’s why I keep on surfing the net in search of motivational influencers. It helps in self-development of an individual. It will keep you going no matter what the challenges of lives are. I never knew in my life exists some motivational speakers who are not as per the standards. They share stuff old worthy, and yet people pay lot of money just to listen to them talking. The charges are very high but the quality of the information shared is below average. One such keynote speaker is Bernard Marr, who throw his fake social media influence has become a bestselling author, strategic performance consultant and analytics. He is also a well-known speaker and strategic advisor to companies.
I am a victim of his work and I will recommend you to not waste you precious time and money visiting Mr. Bernard Marr for his motivational speeches. Taking the opportunity to participate in the motivational speech planned by Mr. Marr, the best moment that I could’ve never missed. The entry fee for the show was $2,000. The people came to listen to the man who brags being on top of the world through entrepreneurship. But the talk was so boring. He was talking on how you can minimise data bundle usage on your cell phones. This was a clear indication that he had no clue about the topic he advertised on social media. The main issue he said he would talk on while prompting his services was about how to start your small business. He was also to talk on how one can overcome the challenges involved in an individual’s life. The speaker was to explain to the audience that keeps people grinding no matter what the situation is but he was stating that the internet data bundle gave access to the internet. Surfing on the internet we use internet data, which is measured in bytes. He went on saying that it was cheaper yet a convenient way to connect to the internet. He went forward to name different communication companies and varied amount of data bundles they offer to their subscribers. I contacted Mr. Marr after getting his contact from one of the social media platforms that man seemed composed on the phone ready to receive money or about to come and offer service then I went straight to the point and told him how the last show I attended did not benefitted me. To my shock Mr. Marr claimed that not all his shows helped the attendees some of them came to mingle and said that I fell in that category!
The man doesn’t listen to the complaints people air all he wants from people is money in various ways whether it be the shows or various other platforms. He should not work in society and no organisation should trust him with their activities.

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