it looks like a shady place

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For those of you who are wondering what is this fancy name all about, well, this is basically an automobile retailer in the united states of America. they are known for providing the best automobile services in the united states of America, whenever there is anything to do with the united states of America things start to get a lot boring because these people out there are just people of fancies. Probably seems like all of them have some kind of a degree where they have mastered the art of making all useless things look attractive and meaningful. They have literally used to the term dodge jeep ram, how hard did the man himself find it to use a term like truck? I guess, this is what happen when you have not paid enough attention in school. Well, so basically this man named Bernard is running a garage of his own in the states but probably seems like he is shy to call it a garage and that is why he decided to come up with some kind of an attractive name that would attract all the people to his garage. I mean, how hard it is to actually accept the fact that you are running a garage? Or are you that afraid about what people have to say about you? Well, I am pretty sure they still call him the man without an education. He also states that he has an experience of over 80 years in dealership of cars, did he even go to school? I guess he may have started dealing with his toy carsat the age of 11 itself. That is why as parents it is important for you to make the right choice of toys you give your kids as they are growing up. I am sure he would have been an aeroplane mechanic if he was given an aeroplane as a toy in his childhood. But cars it was. He talks about selling the best automobile in the entire united states of America, much big a dream for a person running a garage in a city of Wisconsin. Crime rates in America have been so high that I am sure that if you have been missing a car and you show up at his garage, I am pretty sure the possibility of you buying your own car back from the garage mechanic is high enough. I find it really absurd because why on earth would you want to buy a car from a garage when you could simply buy one from a registered company who actually, offers you free servicing and good stuff like that, rather than buying a mixture of all the stolen cars. Are you a fan of vintage? Well, the man is surely 0one kind of a vintage but I am not sure if he has the vintage cars you are actually, looking for, what did you actually expect? The man literally used such a fancy word to describe his garage.