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they ruined my day/..stay away

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I thought Best Made Videos was a good company, given the amount of promotion they do and the ton of offers that they put forth, but turns out they are all for naught!! Just to lure in customers! I had my wedding in two weeks and of course I want a videographer, so I turned to them as I had heard a lot of them, first of all they cancelled my appointment TWO TIMES IN A WEEK! Like I should have took that red flag and backed right up after that but their excellent brainwashing packages and offers managed to make me stay.
Finally when I got my appointment and reached there, we discussed about the packages and even landed on one and they tried to sell me various insurance with them, but thank god I did not fall for them! God knows what I had to face then if I did.
So yes, as I was saying we landed on a package everything was fixed and they promised to me send me a videographer on the date, but I had to make an advance payment, that was the condition, first they tried really hard to not give me a receipt for the transaction because apparently I was supposed to trust their “word” but thank god I took it anyhow because guess what, five days before my wedding date, they cancelled my booking saying the assigned videographer was not available! CAN YOU IMAGINE! ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DAYS OF MY LIFE POTENTIALLY RUINED, AND I GET TO KNOW ABOUT THAT ONLY FIVE DAYS PRIOR TO THE DAY! Now imagine my horror, when they refused to refund me the advance, but I pulled reference and somehow got it back!! But what about people who do not have that kind of reference? Beware of these fraud companies guys!

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