Bethany Thomas D.D.S. Seymour Family Dental

bad dentist and is ruining the field

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Bethany Thomas D.D.S. is a bad dentist and is ruining the field for others too. A profession as hers is not to be taken lightly as people trust doctors and dentists to make their life better. We literally hand over ourselves and trust their skills to do the needful with our bodies. However, if you happen to come across some people who say that the treatment done on them was unnecessary and done in the wrong manner by a doctor, would you go to him or her again? I would never. I believe humans should learn from their own experiences along with the experiences of others. Why go through the hassle of suffering?
Bethany Thomas D.D.S. at Seymour Family Dental should not be trusted. I saw two reviews here that totally made me think differently about dentists. As I clicked on the most helpful reviews, this review came up saying that a horrible job of filling had been done on them. The person was unable to floss anymore and felt rough on her teeth. The dentist had failed at making any type of contact, which led her to do a disastrous job on the fillings. The person had to go over to another dentist so that her mistakes could be corrected, and not only on one but multiple fillings. Unfortunately, it was also discovered that one of the fillings was not necessary after all. A mistake like this can cost someone their teeth and mouth. It is not to be taken lightly. Another person too complained of a broken crown that had been done by Bethany Thomas. If a dentist commits failures multiple times on her job, it is most likely that she is not skilled enough or responsible enough. Playing around with people’s lives is unprofessional and unacceptable. I will never go to Seymour Family Dental and neither will I recommend anyone to do so.

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