Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) AND Joshua Johnson Fake 501c3 and CON ARTIST, THEFT, DO NOT DONATE Austin Texas!!. Joshua Johnson operates a fake 501(c)3 called BGiv and has manipulated money out of a number of artists, vendors and realtors over the past two years. He uses much of the money he takes in to pay for trips overseas and posts fancyy pictures of these adventures online. In the last year he has taken money from a number of vulnerable musicians who work in Texas and has ripped off two different rental locations for over $25,000. Josh seems slick, but he runs a confidence game and is always asking for money real quick. Beware of him and the fact he gets friends of his involved to make you believe his game. He is a liar and a crook and instead of paying our band – he took the money and went overseas. Look at this thief: BEWARE and please don’t get taken. Be well.

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