Big Chief Creative Media

High Cost and Very Low Output

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Big Chief Creative Media is a digital advertising agency and is well known for advertising for many famous brands or companies. There advertising networks are quite large as well. But my friend was not provided with proper services as it had promised. It seems like they intend to provide their best services to the brands that can afford advertisements at a large scale. My friend had approached the media in order to advertise for her food café. The rates offered to her were very high. She had settled for a minimal budget advertising project. The project was not as impressive as the rates they had suggested. The amount they charged for the advertisement was much more than the services they provided. There was also no way to find out whether the advertisement would attract a lot of customers. It is very difficult for a small scale business to invest such a lot of money on advertisement. My friend was also not made aware of the hidden policies and charges and had to end up spending much more than she intended to under the contract. It is better not to blindly trust the advertising agencies based on how well they promote the bigger companies. They are only willing to properly promote the brands which can invest a lot in advertising methods. It is not beneficial for the ones with less budget as such low budget advertising programs can hardly attract any customers. The services provided by Big Chief Creative Media are not up to the mark. It would have been helpful if the projects were a little more budget-friendly. So, it is better to seek agencies that are willing to give you projects at a low rate. My friend had to suffer a lot due to such high rates proposed by the agency.

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