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Do you due diligence. I was too trusting. I was completely mislead

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Precious metals are essential investments and when you talk about investments you definitely so not mean paying a major part to a company and then have them not follow regulations in terms of reselling. After what happened to my cousin, I am still surprised that Birch Group has a decent rating and reputation. And mind you, I am not talking only about my cousin here and it is not just one bad rating but one out of many and it is still not addressed!

So my cousin decided to buy some gold bullion and from the IRA site came across this group and a bit of research made her sure that this is the place to trust. A BIG MISTAKE. Firstly they sweet talk you to gain your trust and my cousin was so happy that she finally has somebody to help her secure here future. After having a talk with their ‘gold expert’ she decides to invest in American eagle gold. Now, the price of 6 am eagle gold should have been $3525 but she was charged $5966. After continuous emails and calls to the customer care – none of which were returned or responded to – she decided to remove Birch Group from her IRA and salvaged whatever she could by selling and reinvesting it with another company.

After she revoked their access, they contacted her and dared place the blame on her for not waiting. She waited for 4 months! How long did they expect her to wait? Till the value of her account dropped to ZERO? With gold prices going up (this happened in Dec 2016) yet she kept losing money. The audacity they have! They placed the whole blame on her and the new company when their end did not meet the customer services and payment regulation. Not a good company to help you secure your investments.

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