Black Bear Diner

certainly my last visit to this place. Horrible

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This place totally disappointed me. I am not sure if it is just a matter of this branch or not but the food quality and service totally ruined my day. I had gone for an early breakfast on my way to work, expecting it would be quick and efficient. But Alas! The service ruined my mood and the food was disgusting. I had ordered a Chicken Steak with Eggs, Gravy and a side salad. I ordered the food and was waiting just beside the counter on a single seat. No one came to offer me even a glass of water. After I waited for about 15 minutes, a man hastily put down a glass of water on my table without even a second glance. I kept waiting to place my order. Then I got up to order it at the counter on my own. After waiting for another hour, I was served. The Chicken Steak was just lukewarm and smaller than the other diners. The gravy was piping hot. The side salad was unevenly cut and just carelessly tossed into my bowl. The eggs looked funny, a little brownish. The eggs seemed to be a little sweaty and stale when I tasted it. The gravy was so tasteless that I could not even taste it more than a spoonful. The hash browns were burnt. When I complained, the waiter was kind enough to bring me another plate of hash browns. But they were not much better than the previous ones. I quickly gobbled my steak and left. Nothing could have saved this hot or rather cold mess. It is not just me. My friend went to this diner a few days later and the service was equally bad. Even for a late lunch they kept her waiting. And the rice combination she ordered came without the side dishes as shown in the menu. In short, this is certainly my last visit to this place.

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