Black Bear diners

Terrible service. Long wait for ordering and food.

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My sister, Clara’s birthday was an eye opener for all of us when we decided to visit the Black Bear Diner at 174 W Calaveras Blvd in Milpitas for our celebrations. Every birthday, we try out many restaurants and we usually like the food and ambience. But here the experience was different.

We had ordered the basic meal of Slow Cooked Pot Roast that almost everyone was ordering, and as it was Clara’s special day, she ordered the Bigfoot Chicken Fried Steak. It took them over 50 minutes to bring our food! On top of that, the potatoes were not baked properly and they tasted really gross. The same was for the chicken and the beef on our plate which was very undercooked and even felt a little stale. The surroundings were not clean and hygienic enough for a restaurant charging so much for each meal. On top of that, it is always mentioned that if it is one’s birthday, then they get a meal for free, but that never happened with Clara. We tried to call the staff and talk about our grievances, but they were not ready to listen. Feeling disgusted, we called for the manager. Here too, the manager of the restaurant was also extremely rude to us and was not even ready to listen to our issue.

This was enough for us. We decided to never visit this restaurant again. I also remember how we were told to pay for the whole meal, even though we repeatedly pointed out to the fact that the food was stale and we could not eat even a bit! I strongly recommend to everyone that they should never visit Black Bear diners at Milpitas. I am not sure of the other branches, but I would never visit any other of them.

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