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This place does not have a clue about customer service

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I entered Bob King Hyundai show room for a particular car I was interested in. There was no one to greet or enquire about my purpose of the visit. I did not mind since I was free to look around. I spotted the car of my interest, and I walked near to it. By then a lady representative walked towards me and asked what I was looking for. I said I wanted to inspect the vehicle and have a test drive too. But she wanted to check whether the vehicle is sold out or available. After checking with two other people, she said that the vehicle was available for sale. Just then, another customer walked in and she just walked towards him telling me that he had an appointment so she will be attending to him first. She was rude and just left without arranging someone else to up where she left off. I was really angry and thought of just leaving the show room and never to enter again. But another senior executive came to me and was sorry for the incident. I was forced to change my view for a while. He said I needed to book for an appointment some other day and all the formalities could be settled then. He checked with the receptionist and gave me an appointment after two days.

On the scheduled date I called the receptionist and to enquire about availability of staff. When I reached the show room as usual there was no one to attend. After waiting for some time, the receptionist checked my appointment and directed me to an executive who takes care of finance arrangement and sale of old vehicles. Even before the inspection of vehicle and test drive he wanted me to sign the papers for arrangement of finance. On insisting, unwillingly he took me to the vehicle. I had to carry out the inspection myself, and he was not prepared to answer any of my queries. But since the vehicle was the one which I was looking for, I asked for a test drive. He arranged a technical person to escort me in the vehicle. During the test drive I found the vehicle engine was making some peculiar sound and a lot of updating was required in the vehicle. He was not authorized to answer in this regard. On reaching back to show room the technical head said he will take care and answered positively to all my demands.

I wanted to negotiate the price, subject to their attending all required repairs/replacements. The sales head was not available for the day and so they asked me to take an appointment some other day. I accepted and took another day off. At the time of scheduled appointment, the particular sales executive was not available and after quite a long wait I was directed to his cabin. He checked all his bookings and told me that the vehicle was already sold to some other customer. He was very cool and did not even feel sorry for making me run around for nothing. Bob King Hyundai understaffed and unprofessional. Do not go to Bob King if you value your time!

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