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no co-ordinations among the team members

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I had read a lot of good reviews about Brax Roofings and was even recommended by friends. But my experience with them was not that great. Their representative came for a look at the work that was needed and gave us an estimate. But once we agreed on the numbers, never heard from him again. Now, his work was done. But I had not received any further communication from them. Finally, I started calling them and mailing them to get update about my work and it finally started. Then, there were two more issues.

First, the work started late. Their staff did not show up for a couple of days. This meant that the whole flow was disturbed and then, as a result of initial delay in starting the work, every work was delayed. The completion of work took around a week more than it was scheduled. There were weather issues with the rains and storms, but had the initial delay been avoided and work started on time, it could have been finished before the last spell of rain. That delay would have been avoided.

Second, the staff was not particularly careful of the surroundings when working. I have suffered damages to my lawn and outside of the windows. Also, the rubble was not cleared properly with pieces left back in our garden. They did give us credit for the damages, but I’ll have to again contact insurance company and get another couple of contractors to repair these things. That means, my work is just increases.

Also, once the roofing work was done, getting the completion documents was not a quick job. It tool another few calls and emails before I had them for insurance company.

Brax Roofing’s work is good, but their team needs to be more prompt and also careful.

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