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Stay away from Brea Family Dental Care.

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So here is my experience with Brea Family Dental care. A couple of months back, I rang Brea Dental up for an appointment. It was first my wisdom tooth. It needed to be removed. They wanted a referral from my previous dentist so that they could transfer all the information to Brea Dental. But when I called them next day they said that they never received it. I rang them up again and this time had them send the request to the doctor himself. But the Secretary told me that the doctor’s assistant was not in. She told me to leave the information and that I will get a call the next day. I received no call. Obviously I rang then up again but this time they told me that the doctor does not even have an assistant. They told me to send the referral and all the information to the Manager instead. Needless to say, third time was no good either.
So my parents decided to call this time because I was in a lot of discomfort because of my tooth. When she made my previous dentist fax the referral, Brea Dental Care again said that they did not receive it. Saying that they have poor quality machines. Then the secretary said that the earliest appointment I could get with the doctor was at the end of the month because apparently he only sits ones in a month.
My experience with Brea Family Dental has been a nightmare. They staff members are no good, the doctors are no good and they keep harassing their patients. There are many other good dentists you can consult and you don’t need to go through half the inconvenience. Stay away from Brea Family Dental Care.

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