Brian D. Jones DMD: Dentist

Their Implant sucks…totally sucks

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Oh my god! Didn’t we have enough nuisance in our health care system already, now we have to deal with this? People do say that don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Quite so often than not, you’ll get a chance to disappoint yourself. Brian. D. Jones’ general and cosmetic dentistry is no exception it seems. Based in Henderson Nevada, near Las Vegas, this dentist clinic has taken my trust issues regarding the internet to another different level. Lesson learnt—never trust the reviews on the internet before you do a little more. I could have tried that myself but then it would been another story all together.
This dental clinic is the brain child of Brian D. Jones, and David R. Jones. If you open the home page of the clinic in the internet you would find many interesting things. It mostly tells about Brian’s background of growing up Las vegas, his graduation from University of Las Vegas School of dental medicine and got his DMD degree from there…blah…blah…blah. But that is not the thing you should be paying attention to. The page gives a list of the services that it provides like Oral Cancer Screenings, Implants, mouth rehabilitation, teeth Whitening. This is where the problem starts. The clinic doesn’t even provide many of the services it enlisted. it claims to provide root canal therapy but it doesn’t, because it doesn’t have the facilities there. My friend confirmed this after she went there. Their Implant sucks…totally sucks. On top of that they are charging double the amount of average dental clinic. And most importantly, I went there for a screening and it gave a false positive sending my entire family into a tissy. Now, who would take responsibility for that, huh? Would you deplorable? I would say understatement.

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