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Their carelessness caused permanent damage

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I have always prided myself of having an impeccable dental hygiene. In spite of not going to a dentist other than a routine checkup occasionally, I have had perfect dental health up until last month. During my twenty first birthday party, my friends came over and cut a cake for me. Upon taking a bite into the cake I realized that my left upper canine was really sore and was aching every time it made contact with its lower counterpart.
Being an obsessively dental health related person, I immediately booked an appointment with the Briglia Dental Group upon the suggestions of the friends who had come to the party. One of them gave me the number +1 690-612-4440 through which I dialed Briglia Dental Group and got myself an appointment the first thing the next morning.
I reached their address of 600 East Marshall at 10 in the morning when my appointment was due. The doctor came in thirty minutes left. And after a few nominal checkups said I was perfectly normal and was good to go. But being thoroughly unconvinced, I sought a second opinion from another dentist who promptly identified my problem and gave me medicines for it and said that if the medicines don’t work then I’d have to get correctional surgery as my incisor had started growing inwards and was hurting the pulp tissue of my gum. Thankfully the medicines worked and I was relieved about not having to undergo an operation.
But through this entire incident I was disgusted by the behavior showcased the Briglia Dental Group. Their carelessness may have caused permanent damage or loss of my tooth. Yet when I confronted the dentist about this he was unapologetic to the point of being straight up rude. Disgusted, I left the clinic, vowing to never look at it again. If you want to have a good dental health and a good checkup then you should take the same vow as you don’t matter to these people, only your money does.

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