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WARNING-Do not use for service

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I didn’t have a good experience with my garage door from Broten Garage Door Sales at South Andrews Avenue. The technician from the company kept calling me multiple times which I couldn’t take as I was in a meeting. Even after leaving a message about the reason behind my unavailability he had an unfriendly tone. After having the confirmation for the installation and about the time the workers came up too early for the setup and we’re in a hurry to leave. The company has got some unprofessional workers who left the place full of scrap which I had to clean. The information they provided about the automatic functioning of the doors was not proper which later confused me. The company is a scan as just a month after the installation the garage doors started showing problems with there functioning. I called the company asking them to send someone to repair it which wasn’t sent until a week. The company has defective management with inappropriate staffs who are totally inefficient for this kind of job and they keep claiming themselves to be best. It promises you with the best quality but you get something that gets obsolete in a few months. The automatic functioning of the doors gets jammed and don’t work properly sometimes. Just promising for fast and easy services won’t work rather the company should provide its customer with it. For me, it’s the worst service I ever got from a company. Misbehaviour and such unprofessional behaviour aren’t expected from such a reputed company which has been owned by a family for over a decade. The company must look for some more professional methods for hiring their staffs and must teach them how to communicate with your customers. Can never suggest any of my friends or family get services from there company. There is no ethics in the workers of the firm. Please do learn some and be humble to your customers.

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