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No bedside manners and rude towards patients

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You are going to disappoint from Dr. Bunn if you are going to visit for braces and will say to you that your teeth are very dirty even if you have brushed them and will say that I am not going to treat your teeth and also not treat you in future if you will ask to treat your braces

So they don’t have a polite manner to talk with you and will embarrass you by pulling out all your mistakes.

They will charge thousands for only retainer cleaning. It would like that all of your money is going to waste for nothing but it is their part of the job to take out money from your pocket and if you also ask them for braces then all of your money is going to be wasted.

The dental assistant is no professional in Bunn orthodontic group, they use their phones, talk to others but not with the patient and will treat you like that you are not there. They do not behave as you expected from such a group but they will disappoint you, so you are going to regret it if you visit them. Staff is too horrible as they will discriminate children and refuse to give service to them but at the same time, they will take the money without any hesitation.  The staff of Bunn orthodontic are not friendly and will make you wait so long for an appointment. Children sometimes get stuck with their equipment, then no one in the staff is going to help you or the child out of that even they refuse to touch.  The whole office is disorganized, they do everything else instead of giving service to patients. They are really not interested to take any patient but instead of that they care for billing and making excuses to get more and more money. If you have any emergency appointment from the doctor, firstly they won’t give you that but if you get that appointment then the staff or the front desk will misbehave you and will show you their rude behavior for no reason and obviously they aren’t able to understand the patient’s situation.

The doctor will make you wait too much before the doctor meets you.  The wait time is too much, they take appointments too much so that it will make you wait for hours there and if you have any work to do then forget that they will make you wait maybe for the whole day. The doctor will not make you feel comfortable instead of that doctor will make you nervous. They don’t even take care of the patient and doctor will show their ego for knowing and make you feel that you don’t know anything, even doctor take time to understand even for simple issue when you tell the doctor your issue. So, I would recommend that you have to take care of your teeth on your own, if you will not brush daily then problems will occur and you have to visit a doctor like these.

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