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too costly !!! same products available to others for half the cost

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Have you been to the summer sale of Burke designs ? Well, we have another name for it and it is called The Cheat Sale. The old products that are damaged and worn out are given a patched up look and thrown over expensive décor and made to look very rich and glamorous. These home furnishings are actually so old that it is sure not to last more than few months. My close friend was so badly duped by them that she stopped all her shopping for the next few months .Thank God I never even stepped into their so called high society stores ever. I love beautiful stuff and the way these people decorate with beautiful accessories, so had I stepped in, I would have surely spent a huge fortune there. In fact who would not get cheated looking at such glamourous stuff ? The stores have a whole lot of styles like modern, traditional , vintage and contemporary. But in reality, everything is the same actually. A little bit of change is done to the product and it is labelled differently as traditional or modern. My neighbour had done a big blunder of shopping some items online. That was even worse . Something was ordered and some other thing landed up at home. Besides the collection of the home décor items, there are a whole range of bathing accessories. There are scented candles which are full of artificial scents that do not even last for 10 minutes. Never make the mistake of buying the herbal products because these are totally synthetic and there is nothing natural in it. It is very fine to style your house with designer stuff and buy exotic bathing lotions, but who wants to burn a hole in the pocket by buying items just for the label. There are plenty of boutiques that offer better products at half the price.

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