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Not a good experience at all

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I was referred to this company from our church on Nov 1, . I called Car Pros on Nov 2nd and talked to Herman and I told Herman I will be by on Nov 3rd, so he could give me an estimate.  On the 3rd of Nov, he hooked up the device and told me there 3 codes that he found. He told me he can fix it, and he gave me an estimate. I told him to fix it and I will leave the truck for him on the 4th of Nov. I called on the 5th of Nov, I called 3 times during the day, and I was told each time Herman would call me back. About 5pm on Thursday, I still did not receive a call.  I had to drive to the garage to see what the status was on the truck.  After the truck was there the whole day, Herman said they have not started the repairs even after I gave permission to fix it.  Herman asked me again what was wrong with the truck again on that Thursday, so I had to explain all over again.  I had to remind him about our conversations. I also asked him to look why I was losing antifreeze and oil. He said he will look at it and I also gave permission to fix the antifreeze and oil problem. Herman told me he will call Monday the 9th of Nov to let me know how it is going. I did not receive a call on Monday at all. I had to call again on Tues the 10th at 8am and Herman said he had to talk to his service manager. Herman called me at 3:29 and said he will fix the oil and antifreeze problem. He said he will call when it is finished on Wed.  On Wed the 11th, Herman called about 5pm and said the truck was ready. I went to pick the truck up and Herman said the oil and antifreeze problem was fixed. I asked about the original problem when I first went there, and I was told that he didn’t get to it and was told to bring truck back when the engine light came back on, so he could look at the codes for an estimate. I left and paid over 900.00 for the repair.  The same evening as I was on the way home, the truck was sounding a little weird, I pulled into Velcro and I check the levels, the oil was empty. I was so frustrated that I didn’t want even to do any more business with your company or even call at any capacity.  I just wanted to let you know I didn’t appreciate the lack of communication; the original issue was not fixed. Not a good experience at all, it will be very hard for me to refer your company to anybody.  And to top it off, I am still losing antifreeze. What a deal!!!!!

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